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Bendy in Nightmare Run: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bendy in Nightmare Run is a new endless runner for the iOS and Android platforms that looks like a gameified version of a 1930s cartoon, and plays like some of the most frustrating boss fights that you’ve had to experience on old videogame systems. Bendy runs, and your viewpoint is in front of Bendy. Your goal is to swipe back and forth to avoid the boss’s hits, collect weapons to attack the boss and its minions with, and unlock new power-ups and characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bendy in Nightmare Run!

One of the easiest things to forget after the tutorial is done, since you don’t need it in the first level, is that you can double-jump by swiping up again while you’re already in midair from your original jump. This comes in handy in levels such as Bendy Walks The Plank Act 2, where you have obstacles that are too tall to jump over with just your single jumps.

When you get a weapon, tap to attack, but make sure you have a clean shot first or your weapon will be useless. Bosses will also have little minions that they send after you to attack you, and you’re going to need to get creative with some of them. For the ones that run up to you to attack you, wait for them to charge at you, then jump and stomp on their heads. For the bats, you can jump and then use your weapon in midair to get rid of them.

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Each level has three quests that you can complete for additional rewards. The first one is the simplest and the most straightforward of all; all that you have to do is beat the boss. For the second quest, you have to collect a specifc number of bacon soup cans. For the third quest, you have to beat the boss without taking a single hit of damage. This includes even damage that you’ve healed up. That still counts as damage, and will count against your third quest.

Save up your bacon soup, as when you gain experience levels, you’ll be able to unlock new bonuses. The first one is the magnet, which will draw all of the soup cans toward you when you run by them. One of the most important ones is the bomb, which will do extensive damage to the boss when you place it, just as long as it’s aimed properly so that you land a clean hit.

Watch out for the targets, as these will tell you when you are about to be attacked. If it’s solid in shade and moving around, then it’s not going to be a danger to you, but if it’s flashing, then get out of the way, because the attack is about to fire off and hit you. The same target will appear from the minions, too, except that it will be filled in.