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Bernie Sandwiches – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Bernie Sandwiches: Run to the White House is a new endless running game for the iOS and Android starring Bernie Sanders. This game is based off of the meme that started off of Chris Hayes’ flub of his name. Your goal is to collect as many sandwiches and score as many points as you can, and eventually save up enough sandwiches for new unlocks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bernie Sandwiches!

As you run further and further in the game, you will reach new areas, based off of the various locations on the campaign trail. Get far enough initially to hit Iowa, for example, and as you keep running further, you’ll hit other states. Finally, if you run far enough, you’ll make it to the White House. Work on getting further and further every time that you play.

Different obstacles require different strategies. To get over the double-height cones, do a quick double jump in order to clear them. To get past all of the close-together spikes, jump, and then tap the screen again the second that you hit the ground. Don’t double jump, but jump right after you touch the ground.

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You will notice that your sandwich total increases every time that you finish the round. All of the sandwiches that you pick up will be kept as currency. Though you have to collect a lot of them, they actually have use as currency in this game. Go to the main title screen and tap on the picture of Bernie, swipe it to the left and then you will be able to buy another character for 2,500 dollars.

While it might not seem like there is a lot to purchase, you will be able to buy a new character with 2,500 sandwiches once you earn them. There is no in-app purchase at the time to earn the sandwiches more quickly. You just have to keep playing, earning, and having to gain some levels.

There is an in-app purchase available to get rid of the ads if they are bugging you; however, all that the makers of the game run are small mobile banners, not pop-ups, so there’s no point in paying to get rid of them as they are not intrusive.