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Best Fiends Forever – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Best Fiends Forever is the smash-hit sequel to the original Best Fiends for the iOS and Android platforms. Unlike the original game, which was a puzzle RPG, this is a clicker RPG, featuring the familiar characters from the original as they battle through endless monsters. You can earn coins, unlock new fiends, and load up on coins and gems as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Best Fiends Forever!

One tap equals one slap aimed at the monster on screen at a time, but you can do more than one tap at once to multiply their effectiveness. In fact, you can tap with as many fingers at a time as you want, from 3 fingers on a smaller iPhone to as many as 10 fingers at a time on a tablet, and all of the taps will read. These simultaneous taps will allow you to blow through monsters extremely quickly.

Every time you upgrade the slap 10 times, you multiply the damage that it does by 5x. This same is true for every single one of the fiends you upgrade; whenever you upgrade it to a level that is a multiple of 10, its damage will be multiplied by 5, adding a huge amount to your total DPS.

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You’ll unlock new characters as you go, and they will take over for your original characters on the main screen, but go to the fiend upgrade menu and you will be able to upgrade the old fiends, adding to your total DPS and earning those 5x bonuses too. You’ll also be able to upgrade each of the special abilities – just go to the bottom of that menu and scroll through the different colors to see the different abilities, their upgrades and their costs.

You can pay for more gems, but the quickest way to earn them for free is to complete the challenges. Go tot he challenge menu to either collect the rewards for the ones that you have already completed, and for the ones that you have not completed, you will be able to see the requirements so that you know what you have to do in order to earn the free gems.

Tap on any of the treasure chests that you see in the background in order to open them and earn a large amount of coins. Any other tappable element, such as the clams and the bombs, will also earn you more coins, though not quite as many as the chests will.