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Bethesda Pinball – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Bethesda Pinball is the latest game in the Zen Pinball series for the iOS, Android, and Steam. You get to play on tables based off of either Skyrim, Fallout or Doom, and compete against other players for the highest score in order to earn prizes, as well as the chance to unlock other tables. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bethesda Pinball!

At first, you can only unlock one of the tables. If you want to play all three of them, and you don’t really care about the competition aspect of the game, all that you have to do is delete the app, then reinstall it, and you will be able to pick from any one of the three tables all over again. This is the quickest way to play all three tables, although it’s a little more time- or money-intensive to have all three of them unlocked at the same time.

You’re going to have to spend coins in order to play in the single-player mode; however, not only is matchup mode free, but you can earn coins in the matchup mode as well. The better you perform, the more coins you earn. You can also go to the store and purchase the Wizard Pack if you want to play all three tables, offline, and at any time that you want.

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Want to unlock another table without paying anything? Go to the main table menu and keep track of your matchup victories. It will tell you at the top of the screen, in the bar just under the settings icon, how many matchup wins you will need to unlock the next table. The counter will reset again once you unlock a table, until all three of them are unlocked.

You’ll need to play the same table multiple times to figure out what sort of features are contained within the table. Each table has a different layout and different places to hit the ball for high scores, or even to unlock multiple balls. Your main goal the whole way through is simply to keep your ball alive and to hit everything that you can.

There are numerous power-ups that you can unlock as you gain experience levels. Fast travel gives you 5x the base points and is available at level six. Combo Master gives you more points for combinations of hits and is available at level seven. Challenger lets you challenge a random player for double the points, and is available at level eight. Supporting Spirits gives you permanent kickbacks and is available at level nine. Master of Thu’um speeds up the beginning of the multiball bonus, and is available beginning at level 10.