Big Big Baller: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Big Big Baller is a new iOS and Android .io-style game that plays like a MMO Katamari game. Your goal here is to roll over objects in order to add them to your ball and increase the size of it. You can earn coins, unlock new skins, gain levels, and fight for first place against a number of others. Read on for some tips and tricks for Big Big Baller!

To start off, you can only eat objects that are smaller than you are. Any of the other bigger ones will just be pushed around if you try to eat them. As you grow bigger, try to eat larger objects. By the time you get toward the end of the round, you’ll be able to roll over the entire city.

Not all objects are created equal, though. Look at the amount of size gained when you try to eat an object. The size will be measured by the amount of “M” that you gain when you eat an object. The “M” drops as you grow bigger, so you’ll need to keep eating bigger and bigger objects in order to continue to grow larger and earn more points.

If you get hit by a larger ball and get killed, you won’t lose any size when you respawn, but you’ll lose all of the objects when you come back. Consequently, if you knock out a smaller ball, they’ll drop all of their objects. You won’t gain any size just from knocking out the ball, but eat all of the objects they were holding and you’ll gain a ton of size.

When you finish a round, you’ll earn coins and experience points, plus you’ll be able to watch a video ad in order to double the amount you earn. Another video ad, and you’ll be able to spin for a bonus. Bonuses include a chest full of coins, which can be worth anywhere between 50 and 300 coins at a time.

Look around for specific areas to increase your score when you’re at a certain size. When you’re small, parking lots full of cars can grow you quickly. At a medium size, go to the woods and swallow up rocks and trees, and then dinosaurs as you get larger. Then when you’re large, look for the biggest buildings such as stadiums, airplane hangars, and power plants.

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