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Big Win Football 2015: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Big Win Football 2015 is the latest in the long running series of sports-themed card battling games for the iOS and Android platforms. This one takes all of the gameplay that Big Win Football brought, refines it and adds some vastly upgraded graphics to the mix, but the core goal reminds the same. Your goal is to build the strongest teams that you can, and use them to win in single player and multiplayer tournament modes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Big Win Football 2015!

Jut as before, you are going to need coins and Big Bucks to get new card packs. Silver, Gold and Platinum packs can be had with Big Bucks. Be sure to get the rarest cards that you can, as the rarer they are, the stronger they are, and add them to your active team. For big spenders, there’s also the All-Star packs, which have a chance at winning you superstar and legend players.

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If you need more money to get these rare cards, go to the IAP store and look for the free currency buttons. You can go to the Tapjoy offer wall and watch videos or complete offers (many of them free) to earn more Big Bucks. Watch videos to earn coins as well, or trade Big Bucks for them, or simply do the quick play mode over and over for more of them.

Before a game, change the pass or rush bias to play to your strengths. If your rushers are stronger or your receivers and QB are stronger, then go toward one or the other, or if you don’t know or they’re close, then set the bias to be balanced. Change the bias depending on what boost cards you’re using, too. Same with the defensive bias and its respective positions.

Participate in the various Big Bowls for your best shot at earning more coins and Big Bucks. The more games in the bowl, the better your potential earnings. The various leagues are matched up based on win/loss record and on overall team ranking, so your boost cards and your strategic bias are going to be the deciding factors in whether you win or not.

Wanna get a free energy refill right away? All that you have to do is to go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead for however much energy you want to refill. Do this again any time that you need to get your energy back, and you can keep playing for an unlimited amount of time.