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Big Win Football for iOS: How to win the Daily Big Bowl every time

In Big Win Football by Hothead Games, there are multiple game modes, but the most important one is the Daily Big Bowl. In the Daily Big Bowl, you compete against other players who are at your same experience level, and try to rack up the most “points” that you can, points being earned by a win or a tie. Wins, though, obviously earn more points. Wanna win every single game? Read on!

The first and primary ingredient to winning is that you need to have the best players on your team. Your best players come from silver and gold card packs (especially gold ones), so do anything you can to get more coins and big bucks that you can spend on card packs. Play quick games and watch videos for more coins, and load up on silver card packs.

Keep all of the player cards that you earn by getting the silver card packs. Save the big impact cards, and use the stat upgrade cards judiciously (meaning, don’t waste any of them on bronze cards). At lower levels, use the silver cards to go for Daily Big Bowl games to win more big bucks (by placing in the top three). If you are already at a higher level, then skip that and start doing all the free offers in order to get Big Bucks.

Use those Big Bucks to open up gold card packs, load up on gold cards, and put any gold player cards that you get into your immediate team. Take the gold big impact cards and stat upgrade cards, and save them for when you really need them.

If you are at a lower experience level than, say, 6 or 7, you shouldn’t need to use any big impact cards if your team is loaded up with silver and gold players. However, once you start getting to higher experience levels, that’s when you should start using the big impact cards that you have been saving up. Use your victories in the Daily Big Bowl to keep getting Big Bucks and card packs, and you’re well on your way to be coming a Big Bowl champion every day!

The complete guide to Big Win Football!