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Big Win Racing – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Big Win Racing is the latest in the popular Big Win franchise by Hothead, a series of mobile sports card-battling apps. You get to run a racing team made up of team members, a driver, and cards for the car parts (engine, transmission, etc), and your goal is to put together a strong team, win the cup challenges and other sundry racing events, and do it all over again. Read on for the top twelve tips and tricks for Big Win Racing!

12) Your parts chemistry can give you a huge advantage in races.
Parts chemistry is achieved when you have multiple parts by the same manufacturer. If all four of them are by the same company, then you’ll earn the maximum parts chemistry bonus, which will boost the performance of your car significantly.

11) Pick the right driving style for your driver, and depending on what effects you want.
Aggressive driving style will make your driver try to crash and spin out other racers constantly. Conservative driving style will cause your driver to take fewer chances, including less passing. Balanced driving style is somewhere between the two. As a general rule, pick the most aggressive style when you already have an advantage in score compared to the other team, or when you have the right big impact cards in effect to facilitate it.

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10) Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet if you want to get your energy back for free.
Use this trick however many times you want, whenever you play so many games that you run out of energy. Set the time ahead by a good two hours or so to restore an empty energy bar to its full level.

9) Play quick games over and over to rack up enough money for the championship cup matches
Drag out the cup series matches, because there is no time limit on how long you need to spend playing them at once. Rack up enough coins to purchase card packs so that you can load up on big impact cards and use three per match.

8) Complete the achievements to load up on the free Big Bucks.
Big Bucks are the premium currency of the game, which means that you can use them to purchase the best card packs in the game. Go to the championship picker, then tap a cup series, and an achievements list will pop up. Tap the list to see all of the available achievements, and complete them in order to earn free big bucks.

7) Use the time cheat one day at a time in order to get the daily bonuses right away.
Kill the app, then set the time ahead by one day exactly, then wait for a little bit and open the app back up and you will earn the daily bonus for the next day. Keep going for every daily bonus that you want to earn early.

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