Bike Rush (Ketchapp): Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Bike Rush is Ketchapp’s new game where you race against other riders on a BMX bike, jump and flip and try to make it to first place, and of course, try to earn as many coins as possible. You can play an unlimited amount of levels, earn coins, and then use them to buy upgrades.

Those upgrades not only enable you to go faster in each level, but they also allow you to earn more coins per run, allowing you to get even more upgrades.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Bike Rush!

Earning coins might be the most obvious goal, but the easiest way to get more earnings is to finish in first place. Of course, to finish in first place, you have to be faster than everyone else. This requires a little bit of strategy.

For one, whenever you go off of a jump, when you hold down on the screen, you’ll flip, and when you let go, you’ll slow down. You need to time your jumps right. If you can successfully pull off a flip, or especially a double flip, you’ll get a great speed boost.

You can collect coins throughout your run, although that isn’t necessarily the only way to earn coins. You can earn a lot of coins simply by finishing in first place, or even in second place. Even without physically picking up coins, you can still earn a lot of coins.

You have two main upgrades that you can unlock. One is the coin upgrade, which increases the worth of each coin that you pick up. The other is the level of flip boost, which increases the speed gain after you pick up the boost.

You can earn gems in this game, which can earn you new bikes. Bikes come in common, rare, or epic form, and each costs a correspondingly high number of gems.

Common bikes cost 30 gems, rare bikes cost 60 gems, and epic bikes cost 100 gems. The main difference between them is how unique the design is. There is no real gameplay difference between any of the bikes.

For more gems, make sure to complete as many missions as you can. Missions can consist of things such as winning a specific number of matches, smashing into other players, and so on and so forth. Complete these missions to earn gems as quickly as possible.

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