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Bike Unchained 2: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bike Unchained 2 is Red Bull’s new smash-hit BMX game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a brand-new rider who competes in time trial heats, and you can win gold, Obtainium, new bike parts, and clothing, and unlock real-life BMX professionals as mentors. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bike Unchained 2!

To get the fastest run possible, you have four main control methods. Hold down on the screen during the downhill, and then let go of the screen when the downhill portions end. During long periods of flat or uphill areas, tap the screen rapidly to accelerate with your pedals. When you jump, hold the screen over a downhill area to drop and land on it for an additional speed boost.

Downhill boosts might seem straightforward, but when you get on a long downhill stretch, don’t just hold the screen the whole time. Let go after a few seconds (enough time to get the three-star version of the boost), and then hold the screen again. Repeat so that you can get multiple three-star downhill runs. This will boost your time massively and allow you to set course records fairly easily.

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You can get new bike parts from boxes, but get new bike parts from the store, as well. You’ll have 500+ tokens early on in the game from beating the tutorial, so use them in the store to buy the rarest bike parts that you can find – something with three or four stars for a score. These will majorly increase your bike stats. Buy cheap parts when they enable you to level up a part that you have already equipped.

Be sure to select abilities before a run when you really need the boost. Red Bull is (of course) the strongest ability, because it gives you a 20 point boost to all of your stats, making you nearly unbeatable. Other boosts are more specific, such as air control, top speed boost, or rolling resistance boosts. Use sparingly so that you can have them for the toughest runs.

In addition to all of the packs that you earn throughout the game, play for the star pack, and watch video ads for a special pack. When the video icon pops up, tap it to watch and then open the box. When you earn enough stars during a race, you’ll open up the star box instantly. Usually, it contains some rare bike parts and a decent amount of gold. Rare boxes can even contain some free Obtainium.