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Bike Unchained – Tips, Tricks, How to Beat, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bike Unchained is a new mountain biking racing game by Red Bull, and has rapidly become one of the biggest hits on the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to take a rider and race through numerous downhill, enduro and slopestyle courses, build a racing team of your own, and get rid of the giant corporation threatening to ruin the fun for everyone. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bike Unchained!

Obtainium is the premium currency of the game. While it costs money to buy obtainium, you can also earn it for free at any time. Just go to the main screen and hit the “Free!” button to watch a video, and when the video is done you will earn 5 obtainium for free.

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Switch riders as often as needed in order to deal with different courses. Each rider can equip different bike parts too, so match the rider’s strength to the strength of the bike part and skill badge (ex. enduro for enduro or slopestyle for slopestyle) so that you can maximize your points.

Tapping fast at the beginning is the way to get off to a fast start; however, in enduro mode, you do not need to tap fast at any point other than that. All that you need to do is hold down on the screen when the green line appears, and then let go when the green line goes away. Time it just right and you will be able to avoid hard landings before hills, and race to a very fast finish.

Downslope is the same thing except that you have to focus a lot more on landing on the hill rather than on the flat ground. Slopestyle is a whole different animal, in that tricks are what earn you points. Combine more than one trick together per jump and you can earn point multipliers, easily winning any round.

If you are lacking on bike parts and skill badges, swap them back and forth between riders as needed. A little bit of downhill and enduro points help on each other’s rounds. Slopestyle, however, is mostly unnecessary – all that it does is give you new tricks and tricks count for nothing on non-slopestyle rounds.