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Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns is a new casual RPG for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the classic Bill and Ted characters, with a release that’s just in time to promote the new Bill and Ted movie that’s coming out in 2019. Battles involve evil robots and sweet guitar licks, with plenty of coins and gems being earned as prizes, as well as lots of equipment for your custom character. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns!

For the most part, you should be able to win easily when you put the game in auto-mode, but when you face tougher enemies and need to use some strategy to succeed, switch to manual mode so that you can use your skills with greater precision. You can make better choices for who to heal or who to attack first than the computer can.

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Make sure to fill up all of your character’s equipment slots. Equipment can be earned infrequently after each battle, but the best way to get equipment is to go to the shop and buy equipment for whatever unfilled slots you have. The further along you are, the more accessory slots you’ll unlock, so fill those up as soon as you can to maximize your stats. If you have 500 coins, buy the phone booth booster pack for a ton of new items.

An easy way to load up on equipment cards is to go back to a stage that you have already beaten and farm it for equipment. Set the game to auto-mode to beat it easily, and play the same stage over and over, since each stage has its own batch of equipment that drops when you win. Plus, the extra coins will allow you to get more phone booth booster packs, and the new experience levels will earn you weapons and new item slots.

When you enter a stage, the number dials automatically; however, there are secret dial numbers that you can enter to earn rewards and find hidden stages, among other things. To find the dial numbers, visit the Built Games blog to look for promotional numbers. To enter them, tap the phone icon in the top left corner of the main screen and then dial it in and hit the call button.

Be sure to log in every day to collect your daily rewards, even if you don’t plan to play the game that day. The more days in a row that you log in, the higher the rewards get, and you can earn far more coins just from the daily rewards than you can from beating your average stage.


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