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Billion Lords: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Billion Lords is a new MMO tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to manage your gold, stone, and souls, build up an army of troops and generals to attack other players’ domains, and to stop your domain from getting dominated and attacked by boosting your defense. Read on for some tips and tricks for Billion Lords!

It can be tough to figure out what is going on at first, or what to do next, but follow the quests given at the top right corner of the screen. You have two idle workers, so you can put one on a quest project, and another one on a random construction project on a building that you want to improve. Keep this up and you’ll advance forth quickly.

You’re going to need to gather a lot of resources early on, but you’re going to hit your limit early, especially with souls, and it’s imperative that you get more storage. Buy a Soul Crystal first and upgrade it high, so that you can store a lot of souls. Then, buy the Treasury to load up on your maximum gold capacity, and buy the Stone Room to increase your maximum stone capacity. Do this and you’ll have a much easier time from here on out.

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In battles, you can begin to strategize a lot more once you unlock Big J in the barracks. Send him in to absorb a ton of hits from enemy defenses, and then send in your little guys, such as Greed, Archers, and Hairy, behind him so that they can do maximum damage without taking a whole lot of hits. Of course, use your generals to absorb hits, as well, before you get Big J.

Shore up your defenses and place your buildings strategically so that you can string the enemy along for as long as possible, and place the most possible defenses in front of them. Place as many of them that you can, and place them in the areas that enemy troops are most likely to walk through.

When you do a raid and you earn three stars on it, you’ll be able to reaccomplish that same raid instantly, without having to play it again, and still earn the same rewards. If you get two stars on a raid, but you want to improve it, do it again, especially once you level up your troops or unlock more advanced troops, and reaccomplish the raid so that you can instantly beat it over and over after you three-star it.