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Bit City – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

If you are going to spend real-life money on an in-app purchase, buy the Pension Pig before you do anything else. It will gain Bux whenever you do anything, be it upgrading the city or buildings, collecting Bux from cars, planes and boats, or anything else, and you can end up with an endlessly-refilling bank of Bux for a lower price than any of the other in-app purchases will cost you.

Once you let the game sit for awhile to do the trick in the last page (easy idle earnings), you can also instead pick the game up and then tap around all of your cars, planes, and boats. Within about five minutes, every single one of them will have a coin sticking up off of it to collect. This even goes for planes and boats before you have unlocked the passive earnings for them. Tap around and collect from all of the cars, then zoom out and hunt for the boats and the planes.

There are plenty of upgrades available to increase your car coin bonuses, but perhaps the most important one is simply to unlock more cars, planes and boats from the parking garage, airport and marina. The more vehicles that are around, the higher of a chance you will have of finding a coin above a car. Hit the “Game” menu of the power-up store to find the Bux upgrades and you’ll be able to increase the drop rate of large car, plane or boat bonuses. This is especially useful for cars until you get to the much later cities.

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Complete each of the quests located in the red checklist menu, which is your missions, as each one of them earns you a generous helping of free Bux. If you need to get multiples of a particular building, then upgrade the lots until you see one pop up. Then tap the building, checkmark the “historical” box, and the building won’t move when you upgrade. Then wait for a second identical one to show up (for most of these quests) and then head to the red checkmark menu and collect the prize.

When you prestige, you earn keys, and each key is worth a 1% boost to all of your profit. Keys are based off of how many buildings you have constructed, not how much money you have earned, so if you are getting close to filling the board, push through, go to the next city, and start constructing some large buildings using your bank income from prior cities.

If you really want a huge bank boost before you move to the next city, first complete all building spaces, buy all available upgrades, and have the Builder Bot upgrade. Leave the game active with your phone or tablet plugged in and your screen set to stay on indefinitely, and go to sleep for the night. When you wake up in the morning you’ll have an entire jackpot of buildings with sky-high levels. Then move onto the next city with the huge bank boost from this one.

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