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Bit City – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Bit City is a new city-building and tapping game for the iOS and Android by NimbleBit that has rapidly risen in popularity to become the top download on the App Store. Your goal in this game is to build a series of cities of increasing size, transforming empty lots into buildings and putting together a large network of cars, boats and planes in order to generate sky-high income. You can earn bonus Bux, prestige for even bigger boosts, and build out a nearly unlimited amount of cities. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bit City!

When you go on to a new city, the bank in your old city will pay you the equivalent of your offline income in the old city – 10% of your online income. Before you move onto a new city, purchase every multiplier boost that you can in the old city. Tap on your bank to see what your offline income is, and to see what your old-city income in the new city will be once you move on.

You can buy Bux if you choose to, but the free stuff is given away very generously on the backs of the cars, boats and planes. One of the better uses of Bux is purchasing special buildings. Their location isn’t immediately obvious but hit the menu button and you’ll find it just below all of the options. Each special building has a multiplier of between 100% and 500%. The building will automatically become historical when it appears on a spot, so you won’t have to worry about setting it up yourself. Each special building can appear only once per level.

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Offline earnings are pretty weak, but if you need to go away from the phone, you can still get flagrantly rich by setting your phone (or tablet, whatever you play the game on) screen so that it never sleeps when idle. Then leave the game active, set the device down with a charger plugged in, and leave it sitting. This especially works well while you have the Builder Bot upgrade (which is a tier 3 upgrade) so that your buildings can simply upgrade themselves while you’re away from the device.

When you make it to a new city level after 2, you’ll see large lots appear. Build these first because of their massive profit potential and because of the huge boosts that you can get from the Land Use Tax (tier 3 upgrade) which increases earnings by 50% per level. Also, the more overall buildings are built, the more expensive it will be to build a new building, and this goes double for the large ones. Buy them first because that is when they will be the cheapest.

Keep the demand of each of the three types of buildings (residential, business, or service) to normal later on in the level, but early on, you can take risks, especially if you have a few special buildings for one specific type of building, or if you have an extremely high-level special building. Then upgrade that spot until the special building shows up, then build an oversupply of the other types of buildings in order to increase the demand for your special one. High demand grants an instant 10% income boost and very high demand grants a 20% instant boost of income.

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