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Bitcoin Billionaire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

You can get offline income by going to any one of the investments and purchasing the offline investment using hyperbits. The more of them you spend, the higher the percentage per hour will be, and the longer it will last. The cost is the same no matter what the investment is, but it’s only unlocked if you own at least one of said investment.

Since the cost is the same, wait as long as you can before you purchase offline investments with your hyperbits, and start buying only when you are about to go offline, because you want to purchase the best investment that you possibly can using your hyperbits. There might be enough free hyperbits to go around, but they are still rare enough that you want to be judicious with them.

If you unlock a coin blast by completing a task, but you have enough bitcoins to buy more investments, go and do that because buying those investments before hitting the task menu will increase the size of the coin blast. The bigger the investment that you can buy, the better this works out for you.

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Another good use of the hyperbits if you want to have a quick effect is to go to the supercharge store and spend 15 at a time on either the 18x investment income for 5 minutes, or the 200x tap speed for 20 seconds. The latter, especially, is almost a guarantee of a stupidly fast ascent into being able to purchase the next tier.

Keep enough of them around (hyperbits), though, because when you pull a bad card and you can’t bring up a video to negate it, you will either have to pay bitcoins to do so, or simply forget about negating the effect and take the blow. Considering that this blow only gets worse the farther into the game that you get keep the hyperbits around.

You can collect 25 hyperbits a day from the Amazon boxes. After you collect them, the only way you will be able to get more for free is either through tasks, or through completing achievements. Achievements include getting to tier 5 of any achievement, and the easiest ones are usually the ones that require you to purchase loads of one investment. Start cheap and work your way up.

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