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Bitcoin! (Ketchapp) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Some take advantage of the Bitcoin craze by investing; others do so by creating a new mobile game, or by playing it. Bitcoin! is a new iOS and Android game by Ketchapp. Your goal here is to tap and earn as much bitcoin as possible. You can upgrade and find new ways to earn more and more bitcoin, into the millions if you choose, while becoming richer and richer while doing so. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ketchapp’s Bitcoin!

At first, tapping will earn you one bitcoin at a time. Tap enough, and you’ll be able to unlock the first upgrade, which is the power button. This upgrade earns bitcoins automatically for you, so that you can keep earning while you are doing absolutely nothing. You’ll earn while you are offline, as well.

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The more bitcoin that you earn, the more new upgrades you’ll be able to buy. When you buy a new type of bitcoin-earning item, the amount that you earn by taps will go up as well, although the game won’t tell you how much it will improve by. It will generally keep pace with your bitcoin-per-second earnings, though, so if you tap quickly, you effectively double your bitcoin earnings.

You can watch ad videos for two different upgrades. One of them will be to increase your bitcoins per second by 2x for one hour. The other will be for increasing your taps by 2x for one minute straight. Combine the two together for the maximum possible effect.

Once you unlock a new form of earning bitcoins, you can effectively ignore the previous one. There are no milestones for various levels that multiply that device’s bitcoin earnings, so that device then becomes completely ignorable. Just focus on upgrading your most recent one until you can unlock the next one.

As you earn more and more bitcoin, you’ll gain experience levels. Gameplay-wise, the added levels will do absolutely nothing for anything relating to your actual bitcoins. Each level represents earning 1 bitcoin, and the leaderboard on Game Center or Google Play represents how many total bitcoins you have. So keep unlocking things to earn more and more whole bitcoins.