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BitLife: Full Guide to Part-Time Jobs and Freelancing

BitLife: Life Simulator didn’t used to let you make any money whatsoever when you were in school. Previously, you either chose school or work, and if you chose to go to school, you didn’t have the option of going to work to make a little bit more money. But now, with the latest update to the game, you can go back to work either part-time or as a freelancer, depending on what your preferred style is.

You don’t have access to either one of them right away at first, of course, but the child-labor laws in BitLife are slightly different than they are in the USA. You can start picking up freelance jobs when you’re 13 years old, and you can start picking up part-time jobs at 14 years old.

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As a freelancer, you can do jobs as things such as a handyman, tutor, lawn care expert, babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, and more. You also have the ability to charge whatever rate you want, but if you charge too high of a rate, you won’t get any business. So you want to find the best balance between high volume business and high profit for each job that you take.

You can do these as often as you want, but there IS a catch, in that you have to manage your happiness and your stress levels wisely. There are plenty of ways to get happier in this game, whether you hit the gym (which you can do now), see a movie, spend time with family, have a girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.

So you have a little bit more to pay attention to when you freelance, but you also have the ability to earn more money in order to open up more ways to increase happiness. Hit the gym, meditate, go to the spa or salon, and more, or even buy a car. You’ll get happier real quick.

For the part-time jobs, you have set money and set hours, unlike with freelancing. Just like with a full-time job, you can go to the school/occupation tab to ask for a raise, quit, or work harder. With part time jobs, you can also choose to request more hours and attempt to parlay this into a full-time job, or close to it.

Keep the same part-time job for as long as possible, unless a much better opportunity comes up. Like with the full-time jobs, the longer you stay in a part-time job, the more likely you are to get a promotion or a raise.

You need to keep a balance, though, between your school life and your work life. If you do too much at work, you can end up getting kicked out of school due to suffering grades. If you do too much at school and ignore work, you can get fired from your job. And if you try to do too much at both at the same time, your stress level can get out of control, causing negative health consequences, or even death by heart attack. So don’t work yourself to death.


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