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By | November 14, 2018

If you decide to enlist in the military after high school, then go to college later, then a good way to go after college is to go back into the military as an officer. To be an officer, you need at least a four-year degree. Even then, there is a chance that you will get rejected. But try it with all five branches before you give up.

Often, it will be in your best interest to resign from your job to try to look for a higher paying job. Quit your job, then look for another job that pays higher. If you see the job that you resigned from in the job list, then as a last resort, you can apply for it again. It’s much easier to do this with certain fields, such as nursing, than it is for other fields, such as those that are mathematics-related.

When you engage in a relationship, keep in mind how much money the other person has. If they don’t have much, side effects can occur, such as having a higher monthly outflow. If they do have a lot of money, not only can you potentially share in that if they die (due to inheritance), but you have a higher chance of getting better jobs.

If your parents have money, life is a lot easier. If you ask them for money, then how much they give you is a combination of money and generosity. The higher the money rating, the more that they give you. The higher the generosity rating, the higher the chances that they give you the money. If your parents have no money from the beginning, don’t count on getting much from them in general.

Play it as safe as possible. Whenever someone insults you or curses at you, ignore them. Even if someone insults you or one of your family members, ignore them. No negatives can come from that. It might seem right or feel good to clap back at them, but you could also get assaulted, or assault someone, and end up in jail and/or losing your job.

Emigrating can make you more money, but the difference in income between the same job in, for example, Nigeria vs Norway is far less than it would be in real life. So you can make a bit more money, but you can make a bit less money, too. The only way to know is to experiment.

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