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By | November 22, 2018

Now that the latest update has been added to the game, you can go and gamble whenever you want to. To do this, tap on the ‘things to do’ menu and go to the casino. Choose how much money to bet, and then you will be able to play the casino game. Start off low, at first, and then once you get the hang of how to win more than half of the time, you can increase your bets.

Right now, the only game that you can pay in a casino is blackjack, but expect more games to be added later. Blackjack is fairly simple to play. Your best bet is to hit if you land a number anywhere below 16 or 17, and if you get 16 or 17 or above, stay. Whether you pick 16 or 17 as the cutoff is up to your playing style. You’ll win over half of the time this way.

If you get really good at blackjack, you can use it to make massive amounts of money without a whole lot of time spent. Become a pro at blackjack, take that money, and then use it to load up on real estate, because real estate in this game almost always appreciates in value. Cars never do, so if money and riches are your goal, don’t buy more than you need.

Some cars and houses can really sneak up on you as far as how much money they cost to maintain. When you’re looking at the monthly expenses on a car or a house, remember that monthly expenses are multiplied by twelve since you progress in years and not months. So while owning a Lamborghini might be fun, and maybe you can afford to buy it with cash, watch out for the monthly costs. If it costs 1,500 a month, it will cost 18,000 per years, which can quickly throw you into the negatives of cash flow if you are not careful.

You can even use the gambling winnings to pay for everything from university tuition to your children’s tuition. Just be careful though, because you don’t want to get addicted. If you get addicted you have to take time away from your job and spend a ton of money. If you get addicted, just gamble for as long as you can, then stop, go to rehab, and don’t gamble again. Stay addicted and you could lose your job.

When you find lost wallets or purses, most of the time you will get no reward for it. Every-so-often, though, the person that you give it back to will be feeling generous and will give you a huge reward in exchange for you giving their stuff back. It’s about as common as winning the lottery – maybe slightly more common – but it does happen. You can also keep the purse or wallet and try your luck at keeping the cash, at the expense of karma.

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