BitLife: How to get the Mooch and Model Bitizen ribbons

BitLife has a bunch of ribbons that you can earn by completing various achievements and ways of living, and with each update comes new ribbons. With the end of February update, two surprise ribbons have been dropped. These are the Mooch ribbon and the Model Bitizen ribbon – actually, two of the easier ribbons to achieve in the game. Read on for a guide on how get both of these ribbons in BitLife!

Model Bitizen: To get this ribbon, you don’t actually have to be a “bitizen”, meaning have a paid subscription to the game. Actually, to get this ribbon, wait for all of the “citizen” popups to appear and do the right thing every time. So if you find a wallet, turn it in. If someone gives you a package to transport overseas, don’t do it. Call the police if you see a crime. Basically, do the “right thing” every time.

In addition to this, some other things help you get the Model Bitizen ribbon. Keep your nose as clean as possible. No drinking, no drugs, no gambling addictions. Have a good job and perfect relationships with all of your family. Give money to your family whenever you can. Work harder at your job, etc.

Mooch: This ribbon is pretty self-explanatory. The easy way to get this ribbon? Ask your parents for money as often as you can. Once you get in a relationship, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, your fiancé, your spouse, etc. for money. Basically, anyone who you can mooch off of, try to mooch off of. Whether they actually give you money or not doesn’t matter, just ask.

Also, it helps to live fairly ordinarily in pretty much every other respect so that another ribbon doesn’t overcome this. Don’t be so old that you get the geriatric ribbon, and don’t make enough mistakes to get the stupid ribbon. Just live a fairly boring life and ask for money as often as you can.

There are a total of 29 ribbons in BitLife right now, and these two ribbons are the last pieces of the puzzle. Happy hunting!

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