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BitLife: How To Get All 4 Secret Hidden Mystery Ribbons

BitLife: Life Simulator is loaded with ribbons that you can acquire by completing various actions and living your life in various ways. From the get-go, 36 out of the 40 ribbons are listed in the Ribbons menu, meaning that you can know what they are right away. While the game won’t tell you how to get them, the name along can often be a bit of a giveaway, as can the emoji that goes with it.

There are four ribbons, though, that are secret. The hidden ribbons show up without any name next to them, just a series of question marks instead. There’s also no emoji, making it impossible to figure out what the ribbon is and what to do in order to earn it, until the moment that you actually do earn it.

They are also tougher to earn than the original ribbons are, but by no means are they impossible at all; not by a long shot. Read on for a guide on how to get the two hidden mystery ribbons in BitLife: Life Simulator!

How to get the Teammate ribbon

One of the four secret ribbons in BitLife is the Teammate ribbon, which requires a very specific set of circumstances to get. The first step is to be born in either Miami or Tucson, both in the United States. Right now there is no way to move from one city to the other within the same country, so you have to be born there.

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Being really smart helps with this ribbon, but you can still get the ribbon even if you are not that smart. To do so, go to the library every year, go to the gym every year (because exercise helps too), go meditate often, and study harder every chance you get when you are in school.

Next, when you graduate, choose Computer Science or Information Systems as your major. If it doesn’t show up, you have two options. One option is to close out of the game entirely, and then open it back up.

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The other option is just to age a year and then check the college list again. Eventually, one of the two needed tech-related ribbons will appear.

Once you graduate from college with a degree in Computer Science or in Information Systems, your next goal is to get a job as an app developer. Most likely, you will have to start as a junior app developer. Even if you stay a junior app developer your whole life, you still will get the ribbon.

How to get the Model Bitizen ribbon

The second of the hidden ribbons is the Model Bitizen ribbon. To get this one you have to literally live the life of a perfect boy or girl scout, but there are a few other steps that you can take in order to avoid triggering the wrong ribbon.

First, be born female. If you are born male and you take these steps, you’ll risk triggering the Family Guy ribbon by accident. You can also get a gender reassignment surgery in order to become female if you are born male and want to avoid Family Guy.

Next, keep in touch and keep a good relationship with your family for your entire life. Keep the relationship bar as close to the top as possible, if not at the very top.

When you go to school, study hard every year. When you work, work harder every year. Keep these up for literally the entire span of your life. But don’t graduate from grad school or you will trigger Academic instead.

Relationship-wise, don’t do any hook-ups. Instead, find a partner and get married, and possibly have kids. You don’t HAVE to have kids, but if you do get married, then kids are practically inevitable.

When pop-up situations come around saying that someone confronted you or that you found a random package, always pick the safest option. Don’t take revenge, don’t try to keep the package or sell it, or anything like that. Just ignore insults, don’t take the package, etc.

Don’t ever do illicit substances, go to the club, accept any alcohol or anything else that someone offers to you that’s questionable. Turn down everything, and don’t put yourself in those situations. And don’t gamble either.

Don’t be too rich or you’ll trigger Successful, Rich, or Loaded. Don’t have more than three kids or you’ll trigger Fertile. Don’t ignore your family or you’ll trigger Mediocre. Basically, know what all other ribbons do, and avoid doing them. Don’t die of a disease or you’ll trigger Unlucky.

Finally, when you retire from your job, give your money away to either your spouse, your family, or your kids. Yes, I know this is all a lot to remember, but if you do all of this, then you will trigger Model Bitizen.

How to get the Bandit Ribbon

To get this one, you have to rob a train. You have to pick a time (High Noon, 4:20, etc) and then attempt it, but to be successful, the time on your phone has to be exactly the same as the time that you pick.

So to make that happen, if it’s not the right time in real life, then go to your date and time settings and change the time. Then go through with the robbery.

How to get the Big Boss Ribbon

To get this one, you have to make it all the way to the position of CEO of a company. Sound easy compared to the others? It’s not.

You have to do that, but also you’ll have to avoid triggering any of the other conditions to get any of the other ribbons. You can still get the ribbon if you’re (for example) loaded or rich, but it’s going to be less likely and you’re going to have to try to do it over again.


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