BitLife: How to get the Thief and Family Guy Ribbons (Valentine’s Day 2019 Update)

By | February 8, 2019

BitLife: Life Simulator contains a whole bunch of ribbons that you can earn for various things – 27 at last count – and while the game never tells you directly what they are, you can earn them for completing various very specific actions. As of Valentine’s Day 2019, the two newest Ribbons are Thief and Family Guy. Read on for a full guide on how to get the Thief and Family Guy ribbons in BitLife: Life Simulator!

Family Guy: This ribbon was rumored in the last update, but never came to fruition. Now it’s here, though, and earning this ribbon has nothing to do with the Griffin family or talking dogs/babies. Instead, to get the Family Guy ribbon, all that you have to do is be a family man. Marry the first person you date, have a couple kids, maintain high relationship bars with everyone, have a job that pays an average amount of money.

There’s no word yet on if the same thing earns you Family Guy with a female character or not, though. You don’t want to earn too much money or you’ll end up getting the Rich or Loaded ribbon instead, and you don’t want to have more than three kids, or else you might end up earning the Fertile ribbon instead. Keep as average as possible with this one.

Thief: To get this ribbon requires three parts: Be good at stealing things, do it often, and don’t get caught. All forms of theft count towards this ribbon: burglary, robbery, purse snatching, being a pickpocket, etc. Any one of these things counts toward being a thief.

Additionally, don’t go to jail or prison. If you do, you’ll end up qualifying for the Jailbird, Cunning, or Houdini ribbon instead. And aside from stealing constantly, make smart decisions, or you might accidentally qualify for Stupid instead of Thief. Thief is one of the hardest ribbons in the entire game to get – possibly even harder than Teammate.

As a footnote: between the Christmas 2018 update and the Valentine’s Day 2019 update, the Ribbon count was increased from 24 to 25, but no new ribbons were added to the game. The reason for this is that there were actually 25 ribbons to begin with, but the main ribbon count was listed erroneously as 24.

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