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BitLife: How to win the lottery!

BitLife puts you in charge of someone’s life using nothing but text. You can live as a hero or a villain, and get rich one way or another (or be broke one way or another). Normally, it’s your job, education, fame, and other factors that decide if you are going to be a rich person or not.

However, one thing that can change the game with regards to finances is that you can play the lottery for a chance to win a ton of money. Just like in real life, you can buy tickets and pray that you win the big jackpot. In this game, though, you have much better odds of winning the lottery and getting rich than you do in real life.

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to win the lottery in BitLife!

How to play the Lottery, and how to maximize the jackpot

Hit the misc menu and go to the Lottery area in order to play the lottery.

You’ll be able to see what the jackpot is; sometimes, the jackpot isn’t even worth it, like when it’s only 250,000 dollars, but other times, it’s way worth it because it will be worth millions of dollars at least.

The good news is, though, that the lottery jackpot changes not only every year, but also every time that you open the game. So if you have a low jackpot, all that you have to do is close out the game, then open it back up again.

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Once you do that, go to the lottery screen and look at the jackpot. If it’s high enough, then you can start buying tickets. If it’s low, then simply close it out again and repeat until it’s high enough to give you a giant jackpot.

How the Lottery works

It used to be that you only had a chance of winning once per year, but after the algorithm updates, now you can buy lottery tickets over and over and over again without aging, and still have a shot at winning the same jackpot. As evidenced in the picture below.

So first, you want to make enough money to just buy tickets endlessly. Then, your next goal should be to look for the absolute best lottery jackpot that you can find. At least 50 million dollars is a good starting point.

Once you have that down, then go to the lottery screen, buy 10 tickets, then go back to the lottery screen, buy 10 tickets, and repeat over and over again until you win. You might not even win sometimes. You might win on the 30th purchase sometimes. Or, hilariously, you might even win on the very first purchase. It’s all about luck.

Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

On average, according to most players, their chances of winning the lottery if they dutifully buy ten tickets a year are around one lottery win out of every three or four characters. Even though you can make multiple purchases per year, this is still fairly true.

The odds obviously increase if you purchase lottery tickets more than once in the same year. If you purchase a lot throughout the life of one single character, you should end up with at least one lottery win per life. You could end up with multiple lottery wins with one single character, even.

This is not set in stone, nor is it based off of any actual studies, but rest assured that if you do this, you have a good chance at winning the lotto. Being that ten is the maximum lotto ticket purchase, you’ll have the best shot if you buy ten tickets at a time.

You might win more frequently, like once every two characters, or even once per character. Or you might have lotto droughts, where you go five or six characters without winning. It’s all down to luck and to how long your characters live.

Work on getting rich outside of the lottery

In the meantime, though, while you’re trying to win the lotto, pursue riches in other ways.

Go to college for a long time, try to make CEO of the company that you work for, don’t spend too much money on crap, and buy lots and lots of real estate.

Or, alternatively, try to get into the entertainment industry. Being an actor, musician, director, or some other entertainment-related job requires no college. It just requires persistence and to keep checking the job boards.

Real estate is a good way to get rich over a long period of time, as well. Look for good houses to buy, let the value appreciate, and then sell them, but don’t buy something with too much upkeep costs.

The cheaper the upkeep on a house, the better, and the better the condition, the better; all houses appreciate as you age but they appreciate more if they stay in good condition.


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