BitLife: Long Life Guide – How to live to be over 100

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BitLife is a virtual life simulator on iOS and Android, played entirely via text. Your goal in this game is to do whatever you want, whether it’s to live forever, or to live fast and die young. If your goal is the former, rather than the latter, it’s surprisingly easy to live past 100. Read on for a guide on how to live a super long life in BitLife!

The first aspect of living long is down to luck, but the entire equation isn’t decided by good or bad luck alone. If a character comes with some sort of serious illness, keep the money around to go to the doctor often. If you even get a common cold, go to the doc so that they can treat it. Of course, if something serious pops up, such as cancer, then obviously, go to the doctor and get it treated.

You don’t have to abstain entirely from the pleasures of life, such as alcohol and weed. If you try it and you get addicted, though, go immediately to rehab. Once you’re out of rehab, you should be clean; if you aren’t clean, then go to rehab again. Once you’re clean, abstain from whatever it was that you got addicted to forever.

In any life, you’ll come across confrontations with people. Your best bet in almost all of these instances is to ignore or forgive people. You won’t get attacked, killed, or sent to prison for ignoring people when they insult you. If you retaliate, it might feel good, but there’s a chance of serious negative consequences happening.

In all other areas, be risk-averse. Stay away from the witch doctor, the plastic surgeon, or anywhere else where you might end up having the action botched, as if it is, you will end up with a large stat drop. Other, less-risky things, such as going on vacation, going to the club, or emigrating, don’t help or hurt. If you have a condition that doctors in your country can’t treat, emigrating can even help significantly.

Find love and have children to stay happy. Go to the gym, go to the library, and meditate to stay centered. Basically, do whatever you would do to live a long life in real life. Having a lot of money helps, too, so stay as out-of-debt as possible and make a whole lot of money.

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