BitLife: Time Cheat: Go back one year, rewind time, and redo/undo any action

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BitLife allows you to control the life of one character using nothing but text, and the more updates come to the game, the more choices you’ll have.

Read on for a tip on how to rewind whenever you want to, and what you can do with the opportunity to rewind!

In BitLife, no matter what the most recent action that you did in the game is, you can always rewind the most recent action.

The way to do that is to go to the app switcher menu and close out BitLife. Then reopen the app again.

Once you do this, you will automatically be one year younger, as long as you do that immediately after you hit the “age” button.

If you do something else after you do the age button, then the last action will be undone by closing out the app.

So don’t do something neutral or positive before you complete this action (such as go to the gym, meditate, go to the library, spend time with your parents, etc).

Instead, wait until something negative happens, and then close out of the app immediately.

As an example of what this looks like: wait until you die. Immediately after you die, don’t pick one of the next choice buttons.

Instead, close the game from the app switcher menu immediately. Once you reopen the game, it will have rewound by one year.

So if you hit “age” again, chances are you might not die. You can reverse the death of your parents, kids, siblings etc. this way, also.

Another use for this is if you commit a crime but you don’t want to go to prison; alternatively, if you try to escape from prison but you fail, you can use this too.

After the incident happens that you want to reverse, close the game out and then open it back up again to reverse it immediately. You can use this to reverse the last thing you did in the casino, the horse race, the witch doctor, etc.

You can only reverse one thing at a time, so closing out of the game twice in a row in quick succession won’t de-age you by two years or reverse two decisions, or any mix of the two.

But you can do this as many times as you want, as long as you know you can only do one year at a time.

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