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Black Desert Mobile: Full Auto-Combat Guide – How to unlock and when to auto-attack (and when not to)

Black Desert Mobile is the latest and most popular MMORPG to come out for the iOS and Android platforms. A common feature among MMOs, especially mobile ones, is that you can auto-fight, but in this game, it goes a little bit old-school and has you do things manually for awhile.

After awhile, you can unlock auto-combat. Auto-Combat increases your effectiveness, but there are still times when manual combat is best.

Read on for a full guide on how to unlock and use Auto-Combat in Black Desert Mobile!

First off, you won’t be able to use Auto-Combat right from the beginning. You have to unlock it in the tutorial, but this comes very early on in the game.

To unlock it, you have to pass story quests (not side quests) for awhile. Once you get to the point where you unlock the Ancient Stone Chamber quests and your Black Spirit moves into its second form, you’ll get Auto-Combat, which will activate using the Auto button next to the health bar.

You can use the Auto button in any area that there’s combat, with one exception: missions where auto-combat is disabled. Otherwise, you can pass through a whole lot of different missions just by alternating back and forth between the quest and the auto-combat.

Don’t forget entirely about manual combat, though. You’ll still want to use manual combat against bosses. The reason for this is that auto-combat does not let you do an effective hit-and-run strategy. The key to beating bosses without blowing through all of your potions is avoiding their attacks. Auto-combat does not do that.

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Additionally, when fighting against huge crowds of enemies, you will want to disable auto-combat. Run around and try to get them to crowd into one spot, then blast through them in short order using your AoE skills. You’ll also minimize how many hits you take from them.

For ordinary farming and for beating easy-to-medium enemies, though, you’ll want to enable Auto-Combat so that you don’t have to deal with the tedious fights, and (especially for you working people, parents, etc. out there), can set the phone down and do something else.

Auto-Combat is especially useful for when you want to keep fighting, but you also want to enhance your equipment, feed the Black Spirit, manage your item pack, or collect rewards.

Normally, when you want to do any of those things, you have to either go back to camp or village, or risk getting attacked incessantly and having all of your potions depleted. With Auto-Combat, though, you can count on your character to keep fighting while you are managing things behind the scenes.


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