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Blades of Brim: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Just when you thought that the endless runner genre was dead or on its last legs, along comes the company that did Subway Surfers with their next endless runner, Blades of Brim. This action-RPG/endless runner hybrid takes the genre to a new level with platforming elements, loads of enemies for you to kill and a ton of weapons for you to collect. With long stages and surprisingly elaborate gameplay, this is truly an “endless” runner (runs tend to take a long time). Read on for some tips and tricks for Blades of Brim!

You have to finish out the entire tutorial, which spans across multiple plays of the game, in order to get it to stop restarting every time that you try to stop playing the game. You will know because the top and bottom won’t be shaded out anymore. That’s how you get the tutorial to quit resetting itself. After you do that, then when you go back to the game you will be in the same area that you were before.

You can collect a whole bunch of new weapons by either purchasing chests or by finding chests in the middle of each stage. Finding them is free, while purchasing chests cost coins or essence. If you find weapons, then you can equip them and you will typically get a score bonus. Sometimes, they will give you a coin bonus for each enemy killed too. The rarer that the weapon is, the better the coin bonus you will earn. Essence has to be spent in order to get the rarest of the rare weapons.

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You can earn armor, pets and boosts, too. For the armor, if you build a full collection of armor, you can equip it, but you can’t equip one piece at a time. Like weapons, the armor will give you a score boost. Pets will allow you to ride them for different bonuses, such as shooting at enemies or unlocking the ability to double jump for a time.

One of the things that separates this from other runners is the sheer amount of exploration. Exploration is easy to do when you have a pet, but if you don’t, you can still take advantage of the wall jumping abilities, which entail jumping next to a wall, swiping toward the wall to jump farther up the wall, attacking enemies next to said wall to propel you even higher, and repeating over and over again. You can find new pathways if you can successfully jump up that high.

Beating the bosses for each specific area is a function of finding their pattern of attack, avoiding their attack and then attacking them. Watch their wind-up, and you’ll know when to avoid each attack. Then avoid it, and swipe toward the enemy, or slide or swipe back and forth in order to attack. Do this until you kill said boss.