Blast Valley – Top Tips, Cheats, Upgrade and High-Score Guide

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Blast Valley is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platform by Voodoo where your goal is to shoot a sentient gun as far as possible along the hilly surface of the valley. You have a specific number of bullets, and the direction that you shoot in is the opposite direction that the gun will travel in, so to launch it right, you have to aim it right. You can collect money and perform all kinds of upgrades on your gun. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blast Valley!

To do an effective batch of runs, keep the gun going forward at a high speed and a decent amount off the ground, and to do this, you will want to shoot down and to the left. Aim slightly down, and mostly to the left, as if you don’t aim far enough to the left, your gun won’t fly to the right at a high enough speed to maintain and add to your flying momentum.

Your four upgrades are bullet count, bullet power, first-shot power, and earn money every hour. Bullet count is the most expensive but is arguably the best one, because the more bullets that you can fire, the longer that you can keep the round going. Bullet power is the next most important, but don’t underestimate first shot power, as well, so that you can get off the ground and moving much more quickly in the beginning. This can negate the negative impact of using multiple bullets to build your momentum in the beginning.

When your bullet power goes high enough, then you start to meet the limit at how fast your gun can travel. Change your strategy when this happens and instead of shooting as often as possible, let your gun bounce and slightly a bit to build some distance, and then shoot again before you lose any real height or speed.

Make sure that when you are playing with an internet connection, you take all of the video offers that you see popping up so that you can earn the maximum possible income. Whenever you take a video offer, you will collect double the amount of money. Don’t bother doing this when you have a bad run, but when you get to the point in the game where almost all of the runs are good ones, watch a ton of videos to max out your upgrades a whole lot more quickly.

Nothing will torpedo an amazing run quicker than accidentally shooting your gun to the right or upward. Shooting it to the right will take away all of your forward momentum, while shooting it upward will make all of your upward momentum go away and send you darting back downward into the ground. So be as careful as possible and if you need to, let
yourself miss a shot rather than fire a bad shot.

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