BLEACH Mobile 3D: Character Upgrade Guide – Equipment, Magatama, Title, Moniker, Advance, Breakthrough, Skills, Quality, and more!

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BLEACH Mobile 3D is a new mobile RPG for fans of the BLEACH franchise featuring Ichigo and a number of other characters from the anime, as they fight against a number of ghostly villains. You have a unique story that you can go through in the game, protecting people from monsters, collecting characters, and more.

Not only can you collect characters, but you have a nearly limitless number of ways to upgrade and strengthen your characters, You can increase their experience, advance them, breakthrough, upgrade their skills and unlock new ones, increase their quality and rarity, and manage their equipment via upgrades and other modifications.

Read on for a full guide on how to upgrade your characters and yourself in BLEACH Mobile 3D!


This is the most basic way to improve your character. Upgrade simply allows you to increase their experience levels using EXP Pills of various rarities and qualities. Character level maxes out at the current player level.

Besides doing the upgrades, the main way to increase a character’s experience is to battle with them frequently. When you win a battle, the characters in your active party gain experience points, so old-fashioned grinding works quite well here.


Your character comes with a rarity of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, or Super Super Rare (SSR). When you get enough fragments of a character that you already have, you will be able to upgrade their rarity to the next rarity level.


This allows you to upgrade the quality of a character, increasing all of their stats and changing the background color of their avatar/profile picture. First it becomes green, for example, then blue, then purple, and so on.

You need to spend coins and specific upgrade parts (such as Divine Shields for Ichigo) and you need to be at a specific experience level. Each Quality upgrade will require you to be 5 levels up (lv 5 for the first one, 10 for the second one, 15 for the third one, 20 for the fourth one, etc)


This is the same as Quality, except that at the moment when you upgrade colors, you’ll have a Breakthrough. This requires rarer upgrade parts and more coins, but it provides a far larger stat boost.


Advancing your character increases their rank, from rank 1, to rank 2, then rank 3, then 4, and possibly 5. Each one requires Advancement Stones, with higher ranks requiring more advancement stones.

The stat boosts are not as big as the Breakthroughs and Quality upgrades, but they are still big enough to make it worth it to spend your Advancement Stones.


The ability to evolve is only available to characters with a rarity rating of SSR and above. Evolution grants multiple secondary traits to your character, such as stat bonuses depending on a character being in Bond or Deployed. The background pic also changes, and your base stats will boost as well.

To evolve a character, you’re going to need Universal Fragments, which can assist in evolution and rarity upgrades, and a specific character’s evolve card. The more times you evolve the same character, the more evolve cards you’ll need next time.


These can be unlocked not in the main character screen, but in your player account screen, as these affect your entire account and not just one player. You can unlock titles by having specific prerequisites completed. For example, Stronger requires Spiritual Pressure > 35,000, and Core of Kon requires any one character to be upgraded to a purple quality.

You can choose whatever title you want that’s unlocked, Each one boosts a different stat. Generally, the more expensive titles also tend to, of course, be the most effective titles.


Very similar to titles in that they are unlocked in the Player Info area, but instead of upgrading one stat like Title does, they upgrade all of your main stats. You can Advance your Moniker when you complete specific prerequisites.

The first prerequisite is a certain Spiritual Pressure level. The second one is a random prerequisite, depending on the moniker (i.e. to advance from Civilian to Student, you need to rage stage 10 in the Endless Trial)


Resurrect is used on a less-rare version of a character that you now have a rarer version of. Each resurrection costs 40 gems to do.

When you Resurrect a character, you get back all of the coins, advancement materials, and experience boosters.This allows you to get back almost everything that you spent on the more common character, so that you can use it on the rarer character.

Equipment Enhance

You can upgrade your equipment to a maximum of your player level times 2. So if you have a player level of 21, your maximum equipment level is 42.

Equipment Refine

The Refine option can only be used on equipment that is blue rarity or above. So it can’t be used on white or on green. This adds a greater stat boost and extra secondary stats to an already rare piece of equipment.

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