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BLEACH Mobile 3D: How to get SR and SSR Characters and Fragments

BLEACH Mobile 3D is the first official 3D BLEACH game for the iOS and Android (following prior 2D mobile entries such as BLEACH Brave Souls). You can collect and upgrade characters, engage in story mode quests, PvP, and a whole lot of other play modes, unlocking more and more of them as you go.

You can each characters of various rarities including Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR), and you can earn quite a few of them without even having to spend any money in real life. In fact, you could even fill out your entire team with SSR’s without spending a dime.

One way to get SSR characters (the main way, and likely the way you’ll get your first one) is by going to the Recruit area and doing the Advanced Recruit. You’re guaranteed one SSR character per 10 advanced recruits you do.

That comes whether you spend tickets, use your gems to buy more advanced recruits, or use free recruits. You get one free one per day, so use it, even if you don’t need it.

Even aside from the guaranteed SSR recruit, you can encounter R, SR, and SSR characters and fragments in both of the gachas. SSR has a 1-in-30 chance of appearing in Advanced, and about a 1-in-300 chance of appearing in Normal. SR has a 1-in-13ish chance of appearing in Advance, and 1-in-120 in Normal.

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Fragments can also be found in the two gachas; they are more common than characters are, but when you take into account how many you have to earn in order to spawn a character, they take longer overall.

Once you have enough fragments to compose a new character, go to your pack, tap on the fragment, and hit the Compose button, which will pop up assuming the character is not already composed. Then tap Compose again and the fragments will turn into the character itself.

Aside from the gacha (useless way to get fragments, mostly), a way to get very specific SR and SSR fragments is to earn them from specific Challenge levels, or in special Gameplay levels.

Tap on the fragment you want more of, and you’ll be able to see the locations for it. Go to the challenge location and farm it as much as you can until you have enough of them for a spawn.

If you already have composed a SSR or SR character, and you earn even more fragments for it, you’ll earn stat bonuses from the fragments. The fragments will keep building and building as you keep earning more and more of them.

Be sure to participate in as many events as possible. When events come around, they often bring exclusive, time-limited rewards with them. Participate, and be sure to collect your rewards whenever you see the red dot.

As you play farther into the Challenge levels, too, you’ll unlock new Gameplay levels. Many of these contain character fragments, such as the Endless Trials and Seireitei contest. Play these for a chance at even more character fragments so that you can spawn better characters.

Be sure to hit the limited gachas whenever they come around. They’re not always available to shop from, but when they are, you can go there and purchase limited-time characters and fragments, even of the SR and SSR varieties. To get more limited stuff, wait until the limited-edition gacha comes around again to get more limited-edition SR and SSR stuff.

Be sure to collect every single reward from every source that you’re eligible for. You’ll be able to hunt these down with the help of a red dot next to an icon. Tap on any icons with the red dot, collect any eligible rewards, then carry on.


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