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Block Amok – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Block Amok is a new physics-based puzzle for the iOS and Android starring a cutout of a sheep in a shooting gallery. As said sheep you ride around a track in circles on a mine cart with a cannon hooked to it, shooting at Angry Bird-esque wood and metal structures, knocking them around as much as possible. It’s an endless puzzle shooter, so you can theoretically go as long as you want, and make it to some insanely difficult stages. Read on for some tips and tricks for Block Amok!

The structures get trickier to take out as you go further into a level, so knowing where to hit a particular piece in order to take it out easily and to cause the biggest chain reaction as possible is what will help you to beat tough levels. Generally, hitting most pieces in the top or bottom side corner are going to be the easy way to take it out. In addition, for a larger structure, pay attention to the direction that it happens to be leaning, and try to knock it in that direction.

If there is a large square toward the top of a structure then try to shoot it and knock it down onto the top of a structure next to it. Not only will the square topple most of what’s on the other side of it, but the force of the drop will usually topple the pillars that were holding it up, as well. This is an easy way to knock down the required amount of pieces.

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Wanna get a bunch of free coin easily? Go to the main page and hit the “free” button and an advertisement video will pop up. Watch it all the way through and you will earn free coins when it’s done. If you hit the “play now” button you’ll have the option to watch a video for another ball to shoot for free. While one ball doesn’t seem like a lot on the first stage, it can make the difference a few stages later when the going gets tougher.

Save up all of the coins that you earn for various upgrades. Upgrade your sheep and your wagons in order to increase your firepower, making it much easier to get further in the game, as well as to increase the amount of coins that you earn for various things. Other misc upgrades include increasing explosion size for hitting the TNT box, the amount of fuel in the skateboard cow’s rocket, and even speeding up your wagon (which is kind of worthless).

Whatever you do, clear out the metal pieces as soon as you can. The metal pieces give you FAR more points than the wooden pieces though, and generally they aren’t any more difficult to knock down than the wooden pieces. You have a limited piece requirement per level, so try to go for the metal pieces before you smash all of the required blocks.