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Block Craft 3D: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Block Craft 3D is a new city-building and block crafting game for the iOS platform. This one takes obvious inspiration from another game with a similar name, that shall remain nameless, but it’s free and it’s light on the IAP stuff, so it’s all good. Read on for some tips and tricks for Block Craft 3D!

It’s easy to run out of coins at first if you are trying to build something that earns a lot of experience points. The easy solution to this: build something that earns you coins. Typically it will be one of the houses or a workshop. You will know because the “coins” section will be green instead of black, with a plus sign next to it. That’s a building that gets you money for completing it.

You’ll unlock new buildings as you continue to construct and gain experience levels. If you need to make more room for buildings, you can always get rid of some of your old ones, or try to build them closer together. It will take awhile to get rid of an old building (one block at a time, naturally), but it’s worth it if you are out of room.

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Find ways to speed up your building process. One way is to strafe the building that you’re constructing, tapping with your other finger to fill in the ghost blocks and turn them into standard blocks. Also, build blocks underneath your feet and jump to land on them (one block at a time) to make a platform for yourself to jump onto a high area. You can always delete these later.

To delete blocks, you have to tap and hold them until they disappear. This is one way to make floating blocks if you so choose. You can even make a floating staircase if you want to, if you need to get on top of a building, or just for fun.

Another way to get the hard-to-reach places on a new house or building is to go inside of the building and tap. Even if you see the outline through a purely solid block, tap the outline and if you are close enough it will fill in. Jump if you are not close enough, and if you are still too far away after you do that, then you might need to build a platform to reach it.