Blocksbuster!: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Blocksbuster is Voodoo’s latest spin on the concept, except that this is a level based game where you have to eat all of the blocks in one level in order to move on to the next level.

Your goal is to eat all of the blocks, like all of the other hole games, and it seems easy and straightforward at first, but it gets tough later on, due to obstacles that you are not supposed to eat.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Blocksbuster!

At first, as you play through the game, it will seem so easy as to seem almost pointless. All you have to do is move the hole around until you eat all of the blocks, and then the level is done.

As you get further in, though, you’ll play more levels, which will present you with more challenges. Namely, you’ll have to eat all of the good blocks, while avoiding all of the bad blocks.

Avoid the bad blocks, which are large and black. They also tend to look like weapons – for example, a cannon will appear, and you can’t eat it, or you die, but if you eat everything else around it without eating it, you’ll beat the level.

Hit the home button and you’ll be able to go back to any level you want to. You can also scroll forward to see what immediate levels are left. These aren’t all of the levels in the game, though; as you go further, more potential levels will show up on the map.

Tap on the hole button and you’ll be able to unlock new holes, just like in Idle Hole and Unlike those games though, you have a currency (diamonds) that you can spend. And rather than unlocking all of your new holes through actions, you unlock them through spending diamonds.

Some of them will cost more than others. The cheapest one, for example, costs 10 diamonds, while the most expensive currently costs 30. They all perform the same way; they just look different and change the appearance of your hole differently.

If you die, you can revive by spending gems, or you can revive by watching an ad video. The ad video will only be available if you have an internet connection; otherwise, you will have to spend some gems.

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