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Blocky Highway – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Win, and Strategy Guide

Blocky Highway is a new endless driving game from a studio managed by the same team that brought you Crossy Road, which explains the cute blocky style and all of the new cars that you can unlock. Your goal is to go as far as you possibly can, unlock all sorts of new vehicles, and complete various missions so that you can earn more coins and cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blocky Highway!

You have two pedals that you can hit, the accelerator button and the brake pedal. However, if you have a mission that requires you to go any sort of distance, you can always simply lay off of the accelerator and let yourself drive at 50 KPH until the distance is done, and no other cars will appear at all. It’s a bit boring but it works every single time.

You’ll only rack up points if you have your finger on the gas pedal. To get score multipliers, keep your finger on the pedal for a long period of time. The longer that you go at your maximum speed, the higher the multipliers will be that you can earn. Go as far as you can at top speed and it will be really easy to beat your old score records.

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After every round, you can watch a video to earn coins. After the video is done, the video icon will still be up there, so for as long as it is up there, you can watch more and more videos until the game itself runs out of videos. Not to worry, as when the videos come back, you will be able to watch them again. Keep watching for 15 coins apiece, which will earn you plenty of new cars for the collection, or unlock the Nevada drive quickly.

All of the cars go the same speed, turn at the same rate, and generally all perform the same. The only difference with them, aside from the looks, is that some are smaller and lower to the ground than others are. The low ones provide an advantage in that you can see over them a lot more easily, and the narrow ones provide an advantage in that you have a smaller target for a wreck, and more room for error.

The main difference between the one direction mode and the two direction mode is that the two direction mode will have cars driving in the other direction on the left side of the highway. Your score will also rack up faster. And you get bonus points when a near-miss happens on the highway, so you can get more points a lot more quickly on the two lane mode.