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Blocky Raider – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Blocky Raider is a new endless hopping game by Full Fat Games. This unique spin on the Crossy Road formula has you hopping through an endless temple, avoiding such obstacles as slamming walls, fireballs and rolling boulders. Think Indiana Jones meets Crossy Road. You can rack up a high score, collect coins, watch your character die in unique and hilarious ways, and unlock a whole host of new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blocky Raider!

You get a free gift every so often. At first it will be every few minutes, then it will extend out to several hours. If you want to get the free gift more quickly, then you can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by however long the timer has left to count down, then go to the game and you will be able to collect your gift after the next round. This will throw off your timer for future gifts after you collect it, but sometimes instant gratification is just plain fun.

Slow down a little bit if you keep getting killed because you’re going too quickly. All of the obstacles tend to have very easy and recognizable patterns. Stop right before you cross paths with the obstacle in question, then wait and watch it one time, so that you know how long of a safe period you have. Then hop through. Memorize these safe periods for later, too.

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You can get a new character out of the gacha/gumball machine every time you hit 100 coins. All of them perform the same, they just give you different looks, and they all have a different, humorous hash tag attached to them. Plus, you have secret hidden mystery characters in the game that, as of now, are currently undiscovered; however, as soon as they are discovered, we will post how to get them.

Aside from the free gifts, there are multiple ways to earn coins in a level. One such way is to simply collect them; the other is to take the offer to watch a free ad video that occasionally pops up after a round is complete. You’ll get a decent-sized reward for doing so, although typically not as big of a reward as the free gifts offer.

Watch the App Store for updates for the game (and the Google Play store whenever this game makes its Android debut). There will be new characters, and new secret characters, added to Blocky Raider with each successive update, so keep an eye out for updates and update the game immediately. Until then, build up a good stash of coins so that you can get the characters you want.