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Blood and Glory: Immortals – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Blood and Glory: Immortals is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Gameloft. You can choose from one of three characters, and then from there on out you quest through a multitue of stages and beat up a nearly endless range of monsters and demons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blood and Glory: Immortals!

Some of the characters use melee attacks primarily, while some use ranged attacks. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and if you want to switch, all you have to do is shut the game off, then open it back up again and pick a different character. If you change characters, you will have to do the tutorial again (up to one time per character), but your progress saves for each character.

The advantages of the ranged characters, such as the Barbaress, are that you will have a much easier time killing bosses due to being able to attack from far away. The advantages of the melee characters are that you will be able to hit more enemies at the same time, killing large groups of them very quickly and very easily. In general, though, the Barbaress, while being more time consuming, is easier to win with.

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Spending gems will allow you to get more rare items and goods, and while gems are mainly an in app purchase, you can get more for free by going to the in app purchase store, then selecting “Watch a video free” or “Get more free”. The first option will bring up an advertisement video, and the second one will give you an offer to complete. When you do either one of these tasks, you’ll get free gems.

You can go back to old levels that you have beaten and beat them again for the purposes of grinding for treasure, experience points and coins. If you get stuck on a level that is too tough to beat, do just that. Or go to one of the event stages and play it for even better rewards than the normal stages give.

Looking for more friends to add? You can find friends to add on Facebook fan pages for the game or by going to the comments section of this page, or by going to the App Store and going to the review pages, and finding people who have added their in-game usernames to the reviews that they wrote.