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Blood Brothers for Android and iPhone: How to get uncommon, rare and epic familiars

When you are building up your card collections in Blood Brothers, you can go for common, uncommon, rare and epic cards. Common cards are, as the name states, the most common; however, they are also the least powerful cards in your deck. Uncommon, rare and epic cards are progressively more powerful, and progressively more difficult to get. While difficult, however, none of them are impossible to find, so read on if you want to learn how to get more of them.

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Uncommon cards are actually fairly common if you know where to look. Using the evolution mode, you can turn almost any common card into an uncommon card. Take any common card that has 4 possible stars (meaning 4 possible levels of evolution), and evolve it twice. The first evolution turns it into a 2-star card, which is still a common card, but the second one turns it into an uncommon card.

When you forge pacts using the copper pact, there’s a fairly good chance of getting an uncommon card, while silver pacts have a much better chance of earning you uncommon cards. Special event pacts, such as the current event which earns you Grave of Heroes coins, are also very likely to earn you uncommon cards. You may also face uncommon monsters in event adventures, and even in normal adventures, and if you capture them, you can use a bloodmeal or a heartsblood to bind them.

Rare cards can be had by doing one of the following. You can take an uncommon card that has 4 possible stars, but only 1 or 2 actual stars, and evolve it, and when you hit the 3-star rank, then it will become a rare card. Silver pacts have a chance at earning you a rare card, while scarlet pacts will always earn you at least a rare card. Event pacts have a chance at earning you rare familiars. The blessed pact will also earn you a rare familiar, but it can only be used once.

Epic cards can be earned in special limited time events. In addition, a scarlet pact or blessed pact have an excellent shot at earning you epic cards. In addition, if you have a rare card with 1 or 2 out of 4 stars, evolve it until it hits 3 stars, and when it does, it will become an epic card.

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