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Blood Brothers for iPhone and Android: Get more copper coins, silver coins and BloodCoins

There are a number of different “coins” that you can get for different purposes in Blood Brothers, a card battling game by Mobage for the iOS and Android platforms.  Copper coins and silver coins allow you to buy more coffins in the “Forge Pact” menu, via the copper pact and the silver pact, which lets you add new familiars to your band of fighters. BloodCoins are the premium currency of the game, and they allow you to not only buy more items in the game, but to buy premium pacts as well, which allow you to get rare and epic cards more easily. Read on to find out how to get all of them.

Copper coins are fairly easy to get. When you are in adventure mode, you can find them in treasure chests that you come across, as well as earn them as a reward for finishing a zone. When the road forks, use the map to find the route that will earn you a treasure chest (or earn you the most treasure chests). You can also get a free copper pact every day as a daily bonus just for playing the game.

Silver coins are more rare than the copper coins, but they can be earned in most of the same ways. You can find silver coins in treasure chests when you are in adventure mode, as well as earning them as a bonus for finishing a level. Silver coins can be used to buy the silver pact, which has a higher chance of uncommon and rare cards.

BloodCoins are the premium currency of the game. Unfortunately, the only way to earn them is by buying them in the Mobage store. To buy them, go to either the store menu or the Forge Pact menu, and try to buy something that costs BloodCoins but that you don’t have enough of them for. Once the purchase fails, the game will take you to the shop menu, where you will be able to buy more of them with real money.

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