Bloodmasque – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | November 1, 2013

Bloodmasque is a new vampire hunting brawler RPG by Square Enix, and is yet another one of their insanely huge story-driven downloads. The game takes place in a world where vampires have taken over, and humans have been made their slaves, yet a group of hunters, the halfbreeds (half vampire, half human) are on a quest to destroy the vampires and free the world from their control. Along the way you can collect goodies such as gold and CC’s of blood. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bloodmasque!

Time your dodging moves just right in order to maximize the effectiveness of both your attacks and your defense. Dodge to the side that your opponent is attacking from. For example, if they are attacking from their left (your right), dodge to your right, and vice versa. Even if you don’t get the big “Counterattack” pop up, you should still be able to follow that up with about 3-5 good hits, but if you get the pop up, then you should be able to land 10-15 slashes in a row before you have to worry about dodging again.

You can be either lust, wrath, greed or pride, and you can change them at any point. Wrath has higher attack power, while lust hits with far speedier blows. Pride has insanely powerful burst attacks, while envy is very fast-moving, enabling you to dodge attacks more easily. Pick one based on your preferred style of battling. Plus, different ones can be more or less effective against different vampires.

Run out of quests to complete? Go to one of the quest areas and talk to random people in the city. You’ll more than likely find someone else there who has a new quest for you to complete. If you find them, talk to them, and then you’ll be able to access the quest at any time.

Having a hard time on a tough battle? Grind for level ups a bit by going to one of your old battles and fighting, racking up gold and CC’s so that you can get new equipment and so that you and your bloodclan can gain experience levels. Try changing your bloodclan to see if a different battle strategy works better against a different vampire.

At the end of a battle, or when you do your burst attack, you’ll have to stop the circle inside of the circle in order to get a “perfect” hit or to get the most blood. The two circles don’t have to line up perfectly, however. All that has to happen is for the shrinking circle to be stopped somewhere inside the stationary circle. It will disappear completely if you wait too long, though.