– Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide Snake vs City is a new .io game that looks like other snake games, but plays far differently. In this case, your goal is not to eat other snakes, but to wrap yourself in a circle around various objects in a city to absorb them and increase your size. Your goal is to get bigger and score more points than the other snakes, knock out a snake at a time until you get to the one on one duels, then to last for as long as possible in versus mode. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Snake vs City!

You have to encircle objects in order to get them to disappear so that you can score points, but since your snake is small to begin with, you have to start by circling one or two small objects at a time. As you earn points you get longer, which enables you to encircle more and larger objects for more points at a time. The larger the object, the more points you earn from it, and the larger your snake gets, the faster that it can move.

Each time that a level ends, the last place snake gets eliminated. Once you make it to level 10, then you enter versus mode, where it’s just you vs another snake. With each level that you beat after that, you stay in versus mode. The point of this mode is to rack up points for as long as possible, so the longer that you can stay in versus mode consecutively, the quicker you can rack up points.

All of the points you score in every level carry over, so if you have an amazing round and then follow it up with a bad round, the bad round won’t necessarily kill you. Likewise, points tend to increase per round the longer that you go, so you can’t rest on your laurels for too long if you have a great round, or else you’ll end up getting knocked out and have to start back over from level one.

There are a large number of skins that you can unlock, but there is no currency in this game, so you have to complete various actions in order to unlock them. This includes playing for a number of consecutive days, winning 20 versus matches in a row, or leveling up to level 30, among other things. Each skin plays the same way, but changes the appearance of your snake.

Even though the screen can get visually crowded when snakes start popping up left and right, you don’t have to worry about hitting them or running into them at all. You’ll go through them, and they will go right through you. The biggest danger that’s posed by the other snakes is that of them eating what you were going to want to try to eat.

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