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Planet Bomber! – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Strategies, and Upgrade Guide

Planet Bomber is a new game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platform where use a heavy arsenal to bomb an empty planet with a target in the middle of it until you hit the pink center of the island and destroy it. You can upgrade everything from the drop rate and frequency of bombs to the power of bombs, all in the quest to earn more money. You get boss islands with weird shapes, standard and premium upgrades, and the chance to earn diamonds. Read on for some tips and tricks for Planet Bomber by Voodoo!

Aiming is not very well explained in this game, but what it does is it aims the very next bomb (all bombs after the tap will go back to hitting random locations). If you want to hit a location over and over, tap on the same area over and over, adjusting your tap to match the rotation of the island. Tap on the side that you want to cut into. Tapping on the center will just cause random bomb aims.

The main benefit of the aiming is to blow up islands quicker. No matter how much of the island has already been blown up already, if you hit the pink part in the middle, you’ll blow up the island. You won’t get any bonus money for blowing up an island, but you will earn a bunch of extra cash for blowing up a boss island, and you’ll also unlock new missiles more quickly when you level up faster.

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The main upgrade list consists of power, spawn rate, gravity, tapping accuracy, and offline earnings. Power will increase the diameter of land blown up by each normal bomb. Spawn rate will increase the amount of bombs per second, but by a very small amount, so much so that this isn’t a super important upgrade. Gravity is self-explanatory. Accuracy on tap will send bombs closer to the tap target, and offline earnings are also self explanatory.

So how many of each one should you purchase? Buy as many power upgrades as you can. Spawn rate, buy some but not a ton. Buy gravity until bombs quit spinning around the island. Buy tap accuracy until you’re satisfied with how close to the center of the target the bombs get. Buy as many offline earnings as you can.

If you want to earn a ton of money in this game overnight, then don’t rely on offline income. Instead, set your phone data off, then set your phone screen to never sleep, then plug your phone into a charger and leave the game open all night. When you wake up, you will have a massive amount of money, which can then be spent on a huge amount of upgrades.