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Bombshell: Hell’s Belles for Android and iOS: How to get free Skybucks and more Xplodium

In Bombshell: Hell’s Bells, your missions start off fairly easy, but in a very short amount of time, they can start to get very tough. There are two types of currency: Xplodium, which is your main currency, and Skybucks, which are your premium currency. Read on to find out how to get a whole lot more of both of them!

Skybucks are extremely useful because they can buy you premium weapons, planes, and the ability to continue from where you left off if you get killed in a stage, and to keep all of the Xplodium and whatnot that you earned during a battle. To get more Skybucks for free, hit the “plus” sign next to the Skybucks counter. When you do this, the next menu will have a button that says “free Skybucks”. If you hit this button you will be taken to a menu full of various offers that you can complete that can earn you free Skybucks.

In addition to all of these offers, if you log in using Tapjoy, you will be shown a whole lot more different offers that will earn you free Skybucks if you take them. All of them involve downloading various free apps and running them, so simply download and run them and you’ll load up on the Skybucks in no time.

To earn more Xplodium easily, go back to old stages that you have already beaten, and beat them again. You can do this for new stages, too, but old stages are generally much easier to beat.

In addition, when you are on old OR new stages, make sure to pick up every single suppply drop that you come across, rather than giving into the temptation to simply ignore them. Any supply drop that you come across will be full of either Xplodium, experience points or items, but the GOLD supply drops (AKA large supply drops) will earn you more Xplodium or other goods than any of the other ones.