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Boom Boom Football – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Boom Boom Football is the latest by the popular purveyor of card-battling sports games, Hothead Games. Here, unlike the Big Win franchise, you actually take control of the players, tapping various targets in order to hit your reciever, rush through the hole in the d-line, or block and tackle the opposing running backs and wideouts. Of course, there’s lots of card management here as well as cash and gold to earn. Read on for some tips and tricks for Boom Boom Football!

Just like in the old games, there is a ton of free cash and gold to earn here. Go to the two Free menus (the buttons in the lower left corner of the main menu screen) and peruse the offers that pop up. You’ll get a free video if you tap the cash button. If you tap the gold button you will get a whole Tapjoy offer wall, which includes, but is not limited to, free videos that you can watch for free gold.

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When you play the game you’ll have three targets that you can tap each time. The orange targets are the biggest ones and they stay on the screen the longest, but they give you the smallest chance of success. The blue ones are smaller and last a shorter time but they give you a bonus chance. The purple ones are tiny and disappear almost instantly, but if you tap them successfully, you get a much higher bonus chance of success.

While gold is used to purchase card packs, smart spending of cash can give you a much better chance to win your games. You can spend ten cash apiece to boost any card that you want before the game begins. Just go to the My Cards menu before the game begins and hit the boost button to boost your card.

If you have two identical versions of the same card, they will be eligible to evolve. Go to the My Card menu and look for an eligible card, and tap the Evolve button. You can evolve two or more cards at a time; the more cards, the better it is for the gaining card. Their ratings will boost when you do this; get them high enough, and you can have a card so powerful that it beats cards up in the next rarity tier (Bronze beating Silver, Silver beating Gold).

Almost every mode in this game will earn you free gold for winning, but the events earn an especially high amount of gold. They’re especially tough to beat, though, so before you take on the events, go to the Boom Boom Bowls or the Daily Trophies and play them to earn rewards that you can upgrade your team with.