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Boom Boom Soccer – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Boom Boom Soccer is a new soccer game by Hothead Games. The card customization element from the Big Win series (also by Hothead) is carried over, but unlike those games which are auto-play, Boom Boom Soccer puts you in control of what goes on in the matches. You can play for gold and for bucks, customize your team, and upgrade them to increase their stats and ratings and turn them into superstars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Boom Boom Soccer!

Cash is the base currency for the game, and is mainly earned from competing in matches. However, if you need to earn some quick free cash, go to the in-app purchase store and pick the free cash option. An advertisement video will pop up, and when the video ends, you will be able to claim your free cash reward.

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Gold is the premium currency of the game, and mainly can be earned by winning cups and tournaments. However, you can’t win cups and tournaments without having strong players, but you can get free gold just as you can get free cash. Go to the in-app purchase store, and free gold can be earned by completing various offers, most of which are free and many of which consist of downloading other apps.

You earn a ton of cards, most of which you might not ever use, as you compete in matches, so to get rid of your old cards to boost your main cards, go to the “My Team” menu and boost a player. Sacrifice unused player cards to boost them, or, if you have more than one identical card, you can evolve one card by sacrificing the duplicate card.

Aside from buying rare, epic and superstar cards in the store, you can earn cards by completing a country collection. You have to earn all of the players from a specific country in order to do this. Once you do, you automatically win that country’s bonus superstar card. This is the most powerful card tier, so add it to your team immediately to boost its stats right away.

Aside from the cup tournaments and the offers, compete in the trophy rankings to earn free gold. Play as many matches as you can. The better your record for the duration of the tournament, the more gold you’ll get. Hit the milestones tab to earn free gold rewards in exchange for playing in specific numbers of matches, and completing other similar milestones.