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Bottle Flip! (Ketchapp) Tricks and Cheats: Tips and Strategies For High Scores and Diamonds

Bottle Flip! Is the latest game for the iOS and Android platforms by Ketchapp. Your goal is to flip the bottle endlessly for the highest score possible. Here, unlike other bottle flipping games, every flip lands, but you have to land on the platform in order to continue on in the level, without falling off of the side of it or missing the platform altogether. Read on for a guide to Bottle Flip!

If you want to make it to the highest score possible in the shortest amount of time, try to land on the middle of every single platform. If you land on the side of the platform, you will only earn one point; however, if you land on the very middle of the platform, you will earn two points instead, so the more accurate all of your jumps are, the more quickly you will be able to beat your old top score.

Gems are the currency of the game, and you can earn one to three at a time depending on the color of the gems. If you get far enough in a level, though, you unlock a bonus round where you are on one large platform, and your goal is to jump for the gems. Jump for them as quickly yet as accurately as possible so that you can collect as many gems as possible in the bonus round.

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Often you will also get video offers which allow you to watch a video in exchange for an instant 20 gems that you don’t have to work for. Save up enough gems and you will be able to unlock a new character, which performs the same as your old character, but allows you to change the appearance on the game.

Hit the game modes area to change the gameplay entirely. Bowling allows you to knock down bowling pins; whenever you knock down 10 over the span of two rounds, you get to continue, just like real bowling. Speed run is like Classic mode only you have an extremely short time limit to be able to do anything. Meanwhile, stacking has one platform, but instead of jumping your bottle from platform to platform, your goal in this mode is to stack bottle after bottle on top of each other as high as you can.

Speed Run mode in particular is a great way to practice so that you can become skilled at making quick moves in order to rack up high scores in a short amount of time. You have to start the platform’s movement literally as soon as you land your bottle on it in order to make it to the far platforms before you sink. There’s almost no margin of error on the far jumps.