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Bouncing Ball 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Bouncing Ball 2 is the latest Ketchapp game for the iOS and Android platforms, in which your goal is to bounce the ball off of as many platforms as possible. Your goal is to earn points, collect diamonds, and use the diamonds to buy new balls to add to your collection. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bouncing Ball 2!

It can be very difficult to time your bounces, but once you figure out the timing, you can tap on a rhythm because all of the platforms have almost the same distance in between them. That means that you can tap with the same rhythm all throughout the stage and just earn point after point.

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A perfect tap is one that appears green after it lands on the platform. Perfect hits don’t provide any extra points at first, but if you land five of them in a row, you will earn five bonus points. Keep landing perfect taps all in a row to rack up a massive score in a very small amount of time.

There are no obstacles on the platforms to begin with, but watch out for them to start appearing after you score about 10 or so points. Once you pass that mark, spikes will begin appearing on some of the platforms. If you hit the spikes you will lose, but if you hit the platform and avoid the spike, or just ignore the platform, your run won’t end but will keep going.

Don’t restart the game too fast or you will miss plenty of opportunities to earn free gems. If you tap the “free” button, depending on the offer, you will either earn free gems for doing absolutely nothing, or you will get free gems in exchange for watching an advertisement video. You will earn 15 or 20 gems each time you tap the “free” button when it pops up.

Once you have 100 gems, tap on the New Ball button to roll for a new ball. The new ball will be randomized, but it will be added to your collection. The gameplay is not changed by this at all; the graphics are all that change. You can by any other ball that you want in the Collection menu, for one dollar apiece, although one of the balls can only be earned by liking Ketchapp on Facebook through the app. You can even simply tap the “Like Ketchapp” button and then redirect back to Facebook without liking Ketchapp and still get the bonus ball.