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Bouncy Bits: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bouncy Bits is a new endless-bouncing game for the iOS platform by Playside. Graphics look like something out of Crossy Road with the boxy style, but in this game you play as a bouncing head whose goal is to jump over and under obstacles and earn as many points as possible. Of course, you can also earn coins which can then be used to unlock new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bouncy Bits!

Tapping on the screen causes your character to move downward, so you will have to time your bounce right. If you don’t time it right, you will either come down on top of the obstacle that you were trying to avoid or you will end up bouncing too soon and hit said obstacle. This differs, of course, based on how tall the obstacle is and how it’s moving. For high, floating obstacles you may have to low-bounce under them.

There is currently only one way to collect coins in this game, and that is to pick them up as you go. The farther you go in the game, the more coins will pop up, so if you want to collect all the coins that you need for more characters/bit boxes, you’ll have to grind and play over and over.

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A common bit box is worth 50 coins. A rare bit box is worth 100 coins. An epic bit box is worth 500 coins. The designation of a character as rare, epic or common is arbitrary, though. They have no difference in performance; all that changes is the appearance of each character. The main difference is simply that rare and epic characters will have more elaborate trails following them.

If you want an easy way to get rid of the ads, all that you have to do is set your phone into airplane mode and play the game and the popup ads will quit appearing. Another way to do it is to turn off the cellular data on your phone or tablet, and make sure that the WiFi is not connected in its stead.

If you want to check your high score globally compared to anyone else in the world, click on the trophy logo in the lower right corner of the screen to check how you are doing on Game Center. You’ll see the top score, which is currently 100, and 100 points is very doable. Can you make 100 points?