Bouncy Ninja – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Bouncy Ninja is an odd new game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game brings back the App Store’s spring craze that has thus far been dead this summer – the Flappy Bird homage – but unlike most of them, this one is actually rather original. Your ninja bounces off the left and right walls, the game speeds up as you go, and the obstacles on the walls get more and more difficult to avoid. Read on for some tips and trick for Bouncy Ninja!

Figure out the right rhythm in which to jump, so that you can keep your ninja at an even level. This is the first basic, because once you can hold steady in a straight line, it will make it very easy to make quick adjustments up or down so that you can avoid spikes on the walls.

You’ll earn a point every time that you successfully bounce off of a wall. The game will speed up after you hit 21 points, and the stationary spikes will turn into spinning spikes. After that, though, the game stays at the same speed and the spikes appear in similar quantities, and they stop changing. So once you are able to hit around 25 points, you will very rapidly be able to hit the 50s, 100s, etc.

Practice, practice, practice. Much of this game is based on luck because you never know when the spikes are going to show up, or how many of them are going to show up. Always try to hit the largest empty space possible between two spikes (or two spinning spikes/shuriken, depending on how many points you have during a particular round of the game).

Take a break from the game every once in awhile if you find your score going down due to frustration. Come back in an hour or two when the frustation has subsided, and you will find it much easier to get a higher score. Cycle between practice and taking a break to improve your score.

You’ll earn a ranking of shuriken based on what score you get. If you get 10 points, you get one shuriken, 20 points is two shuriken, 30 points is three shuriken and 40 points is four shuriken. After that, your scores are primarily about bragging rights and rubbing it in the face of people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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