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Bounzy! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Bounzy! is a new game for the iOS and Android that takes the concept of Ketchapp’s Ballz and applies it to an RPG format. Your goal in this game is to use your bouncing spells to defeat lines of enemies that advance with every turn. They get more and more powerful as you go; luckily you will earn plenty of chests, gold and diamonds that will allow you to upgrade and get new spells. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bounzy!

No matter what, any time that there is more than one enemy on the screen (which will be almost all the time), bank a shot off the wall and aim it so that it bounces off of one enemy and hits another enemy. Bounce them off the side of an enemy to keep them going up, or send them into the top row so that they bounce in between the line of enemies and the ceiling, doing massive damage.

Do the same thing with the bosses and the chests. Here your aim will need to be even better because both have far more hit points than the typical enemies. If you manage to break a chest, then you’ll be able to unlock it for loads of gold and possibly even for some diamonds after the round is done. Bosses, of course, need to be defeated in order to finish the level. Use the progress meter at the top of the screen to figure out how close you are to the boss.

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You can use your coins to upgrade both the front line and the back line of your attack. While each line is equally important for the most part, your front line is going to be the one that hits slightly more accurately; when the front line destroys the target, the back line will shoot at the next target, often not bouncing how you want it to. However, the best way to upgrade them is evenly so that you keep things coin-efficient.

The academy will allow you to unlock special spells, but you won’t be able to unlock it until level 10. Be sure to upgrade your wall, though; the wall will protect you from the attacks of enemies. This will not necessarily be a factor early on in the game, but later on, this will be important to remember as you’ll have stronger enemies who often survive all the way down the board.

Want to get a free spell? Tap on the spell button in the corner of the screen during the main game and you will have the option to watch a video in exchange for a free spell usage. You can do this as many times as you want as long as you have an internet connection. If no connection is there, then you will have to spend diamonds if you want to use a spell.